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Who we are

We are Javelinas. [hah-vuh-lee-nuhs]

A solutions provider for designing, sourcing and manufacturing of premium and promotional branded products.

We’ve even heard it called merch, swag, promo goods or stuff. Call it what you want, we’re here to help.

We service many of the world’s most recognizable brands from concept to delivery, taking care of every detail along the way.

Javelinas is the true one-stop shop for all your promotional product needs.

We also ensure that our products are ethically and sustainably sourced. We only partner with suppliers and factories that meet our high standard of requirements.

Javelinas Group Promotional Products - Who we are

What we do

Here at Javelinas, we are all about the merchandise. From design and sourcing to pre-production sampling and manufacturing, we will be there every step of the way to ensure you get the best product possible for your brand.

We service many of the world’s most recognizable brands from concept to delivery, taking care of every detail along the way.
We work in close partnership with our clients to ensure amazing quality, 100% satisfaction and compliance using proven account and project management processes.

No product is outside of our scope; from bespoke clothing and accessories to gift wrapping and packaging. Get in touch now to discuss your next project.

Brand Understanding

Truly understanding a brand comes easily if you know the right questions to ask but, as with anything worth doing, it takes time.

We’ve spent decades working with some of the largest global brands and understand that each brand within a portfolio has its own unique identity. Our ideas help deliver those brand identities, in the form of products to consumers.

Javelinas Group Promotional Product - Brand Understanding
Javelinas Group Promotional Product - Product Development

Product Development

Once we understand the client’s brand or portfolio of brands, we put our thinking caps on and develop lists of product ideas that might deliver.

From basic ideas to bespoke options, we’ll create mock-ups or full 3D renders so you know exactly what you can expect.
Have you ever received an order only to find the finished product is not correct? Did you receive a pre-production sample for approval first or was the order put straight into production?

As standard, we only go to full production once a pre-production sample is approved. The Quality Control (QC) inspection is based on this pre-production sample. Keep reading for more.

Supply Chain Management

Not all factories are created equal and knowing where your products come from is important in protecting your brand.  We offer a transparent supply chain.

We source globally to accommodate all lead times. Our sourcing team have an extensive vetted database and will seek the best value for the best product quality. 

We work with ethical sources that subscribe to BSCI and/or the SMETA audit principles.

Javelinas Group Promotional Products - Supply Chain Management
Javelinas Group Promotional Products - Testing and Compliance

Testing & Compliance

Testing and compliance are important to us. 
If you haven’t been asked before about your testing requirements get ready because we will.

Many user-buyers often don’t understand what’s involved in factory audits and product testing and/or compliance. We do.

We utilise third-party testing facilities and independent QC companies to conduct an AQL QC inspection prior to goods departing the factory. This is the only way to catch an issue before it arrives and it’s too late.

Logistics & Fulfilment

A job’s not done until it’s delivered…

Javelinas will deliver on whichever incoterm is best for you, most frequently delivering on a DDP (duty delivered paid) basis to the UK, Europe and USA. We have an outstanding team to help manage the entire delivery process or coordinate with you or your or your client’s freight forwarder to take possession of the goods at port, if

We track both air and sea cargo shipments and use local and express delivery services for small parcel shipments. We also utilize rail freight for shipments from China into Europe.
Additionally, we look to co-pack campaign products at our factories in order to save on time and costs.  We utilize a third-party partner to help us with kitting, fulfilment and drop ship services
should you need them.

In the extremely rare instance when there’s an issue with your order, we will work tirelessly to ensure the situation is rectified in a timely manner and to the highest standard.

Javelinas Group Promotional Products - Transport and Fulfilment